“What is this Life For?” – A Song We’ve All Been Waiting For by Michael Jones

“What is this Life For?” – A Song We’ve All Been Waiting For by Michael Jones.

At some point in your life, in fact, probably several times in your life, you’ve more than likely questioned, “What really is this Life For?” Especially during the last six months, while at home sheltering from the dreaded pandemic that has hit the world hard and wondering when life will return back to some kind of normality. Right?

“WHAT IS THIS LIFE FOR?” A song by Michael Jones

And, after staring at the four walls of your bedroom or living room, from one day to the next, I’m sure by now you’ve built up a healthy appetite of thoughts and a giant bubble cloud of mystery, adding to the already lengthy list of questions you had overflowing in your mind?

Well, It’s only human nature and there are so many unanswered questions that our curious minds are constantly looking for answers too and this is no exception for US-born, UK-based acclaimed poet and singer-songwriter, Michael Jones. “What is this Life for?” track one on his highly received, debut EP titled, American Poet, Pt 1 is perhaps the up-beat anthem we all need to hear right now and the soundtrack to the longest road we’ve all ever travelled down, during this difficult time.

That being said, cast your mind away on all your life pondering’s and strum-along with Michael to “What is this Life For?” here:

Michael’s ability and talent to string a sentence and song together, perfectly and poetically, in a way we can all understand and relate to every single line and word is phenomenal and this song does just that.

Michael says:

What is this life for?” is all about what is universal to every human being. A juxtaposing of life’s most serious and fundamental questions delivered in a catchy, casual and fun vibe.

Who hasn’t asked these questions? The big “meaning of life” issues that are both infinitely mysterious and yet present in all of us at different times in our human journey.

I hope every person who hears this connects to its message and hopefully finds a bit of the magic that makes this song so special to me. This song was inspired by the opening poem in my new poetry book “The Enemy of Everything

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Written by Tessa-Leanne Snart