Gambling Be Gone! James Fox On The Road To Redemption With New Single ‘Rest Of Our Lives’

In anticipation of his new single Rest of our lives, we look at the story behind this song of hope. We also look into the man behind the song, and that man, ladies and gentleman, is none other than James Fox!

Adding on to an illustrious career which includes two Top 20 UK singles to date; being the representative for the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004; working with national treasures and immense talents such as Sir Tim Rice and Tina Turner, as well as occupying multiple West End and Broadway roles, Fox looks to be a role model and a beacon of support for those who have experienced addiction like he has.

His upcoming single marks his return to music after suffering from a gambling addiction that almost ruined him. The track would prove therapeutic to his recovery and is set to come out on the 29th January 2021.

I have been as honest as I can possibly be with the lyrics on this album and have talked about everything from my issues with gambling, loss of family, friends, the music business, my own demons and fears, right though to hope, finding new and real love and happiness and everything that was in between. My career has been very diverse and I’ve been lucky to have had many amazing opportunities and experiences”

James Fox.

In higher anticipation of the single, Fox is set to release his latest album ”All the Fours.” This will contain 12 tracks all written, performed and produced by James, featuring influences of Rock, Country, Blues and Folk in the multi-genred album. This is set to be released on the 5th of February 2021.

The record will be a testament to Fox’s multi-skilled talents and career, as he plays every instrument on the album besides the drums, which were played by his long time friend Mike Sorrentino.

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