Juga: Chess Player, Musician, Revolutionary.

“Chess is a mirror of life, a treasure of humanity” 

Juga Di Prima

The real life ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ tale lies in Juga di Prima’s ability to consistently bring together her two passions: music and chess.

Composing and recording many different chess-themed tunes, Juga has become a chess ambassador worldwide, hosting a plethora of cultural events in Spain and Latin America.

Her commitment and activism to support the game at all levels has seen her performing and playing all over the world, while she has featured widely across broadcast media outlets such as Sky News, BBC World Radio and The Guardian.

‘Chess.com has seen a stratospheric rise in players since the release of The Queen’s Gambit on 23 October, breaking records for the site. Spokesman Nick Barton said they had seen a “surge in brand new players”. New members in the US have gone up from around 6,000 a day between 1 and 22 October to over 30,000 on recent days this month

The Guardian

Juga’s next big move, entitled ‘Chess Divas’, is a an extravagant musical tribute to Women’s chess. The Show will be featured on Norwegian television channel TV Norsk and other major online media.

The project is designed to help bring together chess players around the world celebrating the art, science and beauty of chess.

The announcement was made on a Youtube livestream on 26th December, which can be rewatched here:

Two of Chess Diva’s songs feature collaborations with Russian ex-world women champion, Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk, renowned as the ‘Chess Queen’.

With deep, witty, chess-themed lyrics, the stories written by Kosteniuk are passionately performed by Juga.

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